Ouch!My Shoulder Is In Pain

You probably may not think about your shoulders much, until you suddenly experience pain when trying to reach behind your back or grabbing something overhead. If you do experience shoulder pain, it's not always possible to figure out the cause or self-medicate with pain killers. If you are experiencing a lot of pain or know you injured yourself, it's best to see an experienced shoulder doctor right away to have your condition diagnosed.

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Common Types of Shoulder Conditions That Cause Discomfort or Pain

Rotator Cuff Tear
Frozen Shoulder and Stiffness
Superior Labrum (SLAP) Tear
Shoulder Osteoarthritis
Shoulder Impingement
Shoulder Instability
Acromio-clavicular Joint Instability and Arthritis
Biceps Tenosynovitis or Partial Tear

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Dr James Tan Chung Hui

Dr James Tan Chung Hui

Singapore shoulder surgeon, Dr James has more than 10 years’ experience in managing shoulder pain, injuries and his expertise is sought-after in China, South Korea, India, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. An avid sportsperson himself, Dr James was previously in charge of taking care of the Singapore national athletes and footballers. He understands what the patients go through and aim to treat their shoulder injuries using evidence based methods to improve their quality of lives. He is a member of the elite Asian Shoulder and Elbow Group, and a founding member of the Singapore Shoulder and Elbow Society.

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