Shoulder Pain and Conditions

What Does Your Shoulder Pain Mean?

Have you been suffering from chronic shoulder pain that affects your ability to perform everyday tasks? Where the simple act of brushing your hair or grabbing something overhead can bring about intense pain in the shoulders. The pain may come on gradually or abruptly, and vary from mild to intense levels. Injuries from athletic activities that involve excessive, repetitive, overhead motion can also cause severe shoulder pain.

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Read more about some of the common shoulder conditions which our shoulder surgery clinic manages.

Rotator Cuff Tear

Which occurs when the tendons pull away from the arm bone, causing a partial or complete tear.

A painful snapping sensation, with immediate weakness in the upper arm, may be felt in rotator cuff tears brought about by an injury. Rotator cuff tears that occur due to degradation happen gradually, with the shoulder pain being mild initially, and only present when lifting your arm over your head.

Shoulder Impingement

Which occurs when your rotator cuff rubs against the top of your shoulder blade, causing swelling and shoulder pain.

The pain that radiates from the front of the shoulder to the side of the arm can be felt suddenly with lifting and reaching movements.

Frozen Shoulder and Stiffness

The common name for adhesive capsulitis, is a chronic inflammatory condition which occurs when shoulder muscles, tendon, and ligaments become stiff, making movement difficult and painful.

The inflammation of soft tissues, typically due to overuse injuries of the rotator cuff, can cause pain that worsens with movement and limits the shoulder's range of motion.

Shoulder Instability

Occurs when the head of the upper arm bone is forced out of the shoulder socket, typically as a result of an injury, such as a fall or an accident.

Repeated episodes of shoulder dislocations can lead to chronic shoulder instability, with a persistent sensation of the shoulder feeling loose, slipping out of joint.

Superior Labrum (SLAP) Tear

An injury to the ring of cartilage that surrounds the socket of the shoulder joint.

While the tearing or fraying of the superior labrum can be seen as a normal process of aging, injuries to the superior labrum can also be caused by acute trauma, such as car accidents; or by repetitive shoulder motion, especially for people who participate in repetitive overhead sports, such as throwing athletes or weightlifters.

Shoulder Osteoarthritis

Also known as "wear-and-tear" arthritis, is a degenerative joint condition in which the articular cartilage wears away, and leads to the bones of the joint rubbing against each other during movement.

Shoulder pain is the most common symptom experienced, and over time, you may lose range of motion and feel stiffness that makes it difficult to complete everyday tasks, such as lifting your arm to wash your hair.

Shoulder condition; AC joint instability and Arthritis

Occurs at the front of the shoulder, where the collarbone meets the shoulder blade. Loss of cartilage between these bones is what causes acromio-clavicular arthritis.

Most commonly the result of a direct impact to the AC joint, acromio-clavicular (AC) joint instability is a common source of pain and disability. With tenderness felt at the top of the shoulder, it can be difficult reaching the arm across the body to even perform daily actions such as fastening the car seat belt.

Do you know 80% of all shoulder conditions can be treated conservatively without surgery?

When To See A Specialist For Shoulder Conditions

  • You heard a popping sound in your shoulder
  • Your shoulder becomes weak
  • Your shoulder seems unstable
  • Your shoulder has a bump
  • Your collarbone becomes painful

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